It was my last night before returning home to England, and the mother of all storms had made the roads dangerous and impassable in places, so much so that we had to completely abandon the plan for the day, and the accommodation we’d booked because we simply couldn’t get there. Having a quick look on my phone whilst having stopped at the side of the road (yep, we’d reached the point where we had to turn around or risk sliding off the road on a sheet of ice) my criteria was simple: what’s near the airport?! Our flight home was at silly o’clock in the morning, and an hour long drive would be a silly thing to undertake in that kind of weather. Hotel Vellir popped up, was available, and looked clean and nicely furnished, so I reserved then and there, and got on with my day exploring Reykjavik (which wasn’t the plan, either!)
The building itself is a rather unattractive glass box, in probably the most industrial setting I’d seen in my whole trip, however the interior was undisputedly modern. It could do with a lick of paint – walls along the corridors are scraped at both floor and head height, looking like the hospitality staff have had one too many arguments with their towel trolleys! The room was clean, modern and a good size, having table and chairs, storage areas, a big TV with English channels and a kettle with tea and coffee. Bedding was no different here – just one pillow, no spares. We had dinner in their restaurant, but had to leave before breakfast was even a thought, so had asked if they could leave us a croissant and a coffee to take with us. We were ensured that this was fine, but alas, no..we were presented with cold cuts of meat and cheese, and no means of taking a coffee away – super helpful if you’re a) a vegetarian and b) on your way to catch a plane. The night staff were quite rude about this, and given that we’d actually paid for breakfast but were going without anything at all, very unaccommodating.
I doubt this will ever be on a tourist’s radar – not exactly the most hip and trendy location in Iceland – though ideal if like us you find yourself wanting only a twenty minute drive to the airport for a very early flight…just don’t expect breakfast to be made up for you!