You’ve probably noticed by now that I choose my accommodation based on location to suit my road trip, not necessarily finding the most beautiful hotel and venturing out of my way to get there. But I believe I found a real hidden gem in Fossatún, here’s why…

What isn’t greatly publicised is that they have, quite literally, access to their very own waterfall (it’s seriously impressive), three different types of accommodation, marked walking trails, and troll statues. Yep, you read that right – TROLL STATUES. Also, if you’re into old school rock and roll, vinyls, anything like that, then you’ll love the dining area with a stage and a very cool selection of vinyl records; I took one of my favourites out (AC/DC Highway To Hell, if you’re interested!) and they played it for me over dinner! Honestly, that was my day made.

I chose to stay in the “hotel” part of the accommodation for two nights, but self catered for breakfast as I was in for some early starts. They look like semi-detached little lodges (at least that’s what we’d call them!) and are simply furnished with the bare essentials. The room was a decent size – not uncomfortably small nor unnecessarily big. There was a small TV and kettle with drink sachets along with small corner desk and chair, and a convenient luggage and clothes storage area on the other side of the room. Bedding was as I’d come to expect – a single pillow and cushion, but a soft duvet and thick bedspread. Toiletries are affixed to the wall in the bathroom, but hunt around in the cupboards and you’ll find a hairdryer (and trust me you will need it when you go on a troll walk and get soaked to the skin!) and spare toiletries. Hooray for a clear towel policy! Though the seasoned traveller should know by now how it works.
The room was noisy at night in the storm – it was blowing a gale outside and at times I was sure the roof was going to come right off, but I was grateful for the grey blackout blinds on the windows and door. I don’t feel the room was cleaned at all between the nights I stayed – something which is unusual – I think the only difference I noticed was the addition of another coffee sachet!
Some useful info is presented on a laminated card, but really I think this could have been presented better. Given the owner telling me that the theme of Fossatún was “Rock ’n’ Troll” I wasn’t getting that vibe anywhere outside of the vinyl collection or troll statue vicinities! I hope this is something they work on, because it’s a great little place to stay – I’ve even seen some incredible images of the northern lights overhead, so check this place out if you plan to visit in winter.