“Which tripod should I buy?” Is a question I’m often asked by other photographers, and largely, it’s as personal a thing as buying a camera itself. Several requirements need to be factored in, such as the kind of photography you want to do, how long you plan on carrying it around for, and just where you want to take it.

I love small folding tripods in bags; gone are the days of traipsing around with a beast of a thing slung over one shoulder, so for me this is a major requirement, as of course is its weight. I chose a Vanguard VEO 235AB, which weighs in at just 1.5kg, so you don’t even notice you’re holding it.

With a super folding mechanism, sturdy legs, and three main locking positions, you can undertake a wide range of photography with only a small bit of kit. I leave the base plate mounted to my camera at all times, as this also seamlessly transfers to my Vanguard VEO monopod, and make sure I always have a loose penny in my camera bag for tightening.

Perfect in strong winds and even with my heaviest of lenses mounted, for once I actually feel confident in the knowledge that my camera is secure, not top-heavy, and won’t topple over if I step away for a moment. So far it’s withstood gail force winds, snowstorms, rain, and incredible amounts of uneven ground!