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A Bookish Day In Oxford

The first time I visited Oxford, I remarked how I’d never seen so many bicycles in my life…then I visited Copenhagen, and, well, there were more! But in the UK, have I ever seen as many?! No! It’s hard to know who takes priority here, the cyclists, or the pedestrians....

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The Pop Up Farm

Tucked away at the edges of Hertfordshire, The Pop Up Farm boasts an exceptional display of summer sunflowers. With free entry and ample parking, nothing stops you from taking a slow amble through this field of happiness. Lasting longer than other flower fields such...

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Kew Gardens through a macro lens

The beauty of Kew Gardens changes seasonally, and I love going back time and time again to see what I can find. Something I find particularly rewarding however is limiting myself to shooting macro. It's amazing how you can discover all of the little things that...

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Where To Photograph In The Home Counties

There are plenty of photography spots to visit in all seasons in the home counties if you only know where to look. Here are my top five stand out places. Aylett Nurseries Dahlia Field & Celebration Garden COUNTY: Herts GREAT FOR: Macro, Wildlife BEST SEASON: Autumn...

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