travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer

so where's next?

top destination ideas

1 Norway

a country I’d move to in a heartbeat, if you like to be wowed by mother nature, this is the place for you

2 Switzerland

a mixture of stunning scenery and eclectic culture, there’s infinite areas to explore and tales to hear

3 Iceland

if you like the thought of being surrounded by nothingness, by open windswept coastline, low hanging grey skies, and several cups of warm coffee, head to the less explored areas of Iceland

breathtaking scenery,

bustling cities &

boundless culture

with Europe right on your doorstep and so many transport links here in the UK, it makes everything from weekend getaways to longer road trips perfectly possible. whether you choose to fly, drive, or take the Eurostar, central Europe can be reached in a matter of hours; currency is readily available and English spoken throughout.
  • value for money 80%
  • ease of access 100%
  • language 75%

48 hours in Paris with Huawei

A whirlwind trip. 30 miles walked. 48 hours. SO. MANY. PHOTOS.  Here’s a photo diary of Paris, shot with my new Huawei Mate 20 Pro. When I preordered my Huawei Mate 20 Pro, I did so hoping I’d have it just in time to take to Paris, and finally be able to travel a bit...

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48 hours in Poland with a local guide

It's a fact of life - people grow up, move away, and sometimes relocate to other parts of the world altogether. Do you miss them? Absolutely! But does it make your time together more special, when it eventually comes? Without a doubt! I was able to spend 48 hours in...

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Mürren, Switzerland

One of the most idyllic little villages that Switzerland has to offer, the car-free mountain top village of Mürren is unique in character and ambience. There are several ways to make the journey to the top depending on where you start; from Lauterbrunnen you must...

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the very definition of “beautiful”

if you’re happy making do on your own, saving the money you could have used to go out for dinner to instead buy another tank of petrol, and possibly travelling for hours on end without meeting a soul, you need to explore the Nordics. where everything is more expensive, and languages harder to pick up, you’ll still find locals friendly and welcoming, and full of tales they’re only too happy to share. unusual methods of transport to take you to hidden and far away places make road-tripping in these astounding countries all the more fun.
  • value for money 60%
  • ease of access 77%
  • language 70%


One of the main reasons I wanted to visit the south coast of Iceland, this incredible nature reserve is not only home to an abundance of rich wildlife, but incredible geology and scenic views. The causeway is the first thing that struck me as just an absolutely...

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If you’re travelling from Reykjavik, Seljalandsfoss will be the first major waterfall you’ll come across heading east on route 1. Extremely hard to miss as you can see it and its neighbouring waterfalls on the cliff face from several kilometres away, if that wasn’t...

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Stampar Crater Row

One of those places that just make you stop in your tracks at the side of the road, Stampar Crater Row caught my eye because of its immensely craggy black landscape; but the steam rising from a nearby chimney acts as a great way-marker from route 425. You might find...

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home sweet home, how lucky we are

you can’t beat exploring at home. the UK is a big place, and I bet there’s plenty you haven’t seen. with the easiest possible transport, and no language barriers save for regional accents, whether it be a day trip, long weekend, or week long family tour, what’s stopping you jumping in the car and seeing something new? it’s easy to forget how lucky we are with beautiful destinations around the world, so it’s time to appreciate what we have at home.
  • value for money 100%
  • ease of access 100%
  • language 100%

Hanging Out In Hitchin

This article was published in the January 2020 edition of Hertfordshire Life Magazine READ HERE Nestled in the countryside, Hitchin sits in one of north Hertfordshire’s most beautiful areas. On the London commuter belt, classy couples and young families love this...

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An Afternoon In Berkhamsted

This article was published in the August 2019 edition of Hertfordshire Life Magazine READ HERE If I didn’t live in St Albans, I think I’d want to live in Berkhamsted. It’s true. Another quaint market town steeped in history, I’m a little in love with the old misshapen...

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A Long Weekend On The Isle Of Wight

This Island might be little but there's more than enough to do for days on end. In easy reach of the mainland and only a few hours from London, popping over for a long weekend is a great idea. Jump on the ferry or take the train from Waterloo - but you'll have to be...

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