I’ve briefly touched upon the difficulties a photographer faces when trying to search for the perfect camera bag in this post. – Do we ever achieve it? Does one bag really do everything we need and more? How many bags should we admit to owning, and how many must we feel we need to keep a secret?! You know that stereotype of women with handbags, or shoes? Well, that’s me with cameras…and all the related equipment…

Forever on the hunt for the perfect bag, and never quite managing to find it, I decided I’d create my own! I chose a Tenba Tools BYOB10 insert – meaning ‘bring your own bag’ – and a plain rucksack to put it in to. These ingenious bag inserts mean I can turn any bag – handbag, rucksack or otherwise – into a fully padded camera bag for my equipment.

The BYOB10 fits my camera body, plus 18-300mm, 10-20mm & 105mm macro lenses in comfortably with extra storage for things like memory cards in the side and front pockets. The zip opens a flap, away from you, and it comes with enough dividers to configure it how you could use it most efficiently with your kit.

I tested my BYOB insert for a week in hardcore Icelandic conditions and found it to be:
Well padded
so should I happen to bump or scrape my bag – we all know it happens! – I feel certain that my kit will remain stable and protected
so even if I don’t put it in the best of bags, I know my kit will never get wet
because who needs extra weight added when you’re already carrying around multiple bodies and lenses?!

Now my new best friend, I’ve even put the insert into handbags, which is perfect for disguising that you are walking around with thousands of pounds worth of kit on a busy London tube! Next time you’re on the hunt for camera bag nirvana, try a BYOB insert and do things your own way…I’m totally converted, and will never spend countless hours unnecessarily bag shopping when I could instead be out shooting!