If you’re travelling from Reykjavik, Seljalandsfoss will be the first major waterfall you’ll come across heading east on route 1. Extremely hard to miss as you can see it and its neighbouring waterfalls on the cliff face from several kilometres away, if that wasn’t sign enough to pull in, keep an eye out for the giant puffin. I won’t ruin the surprise for that one, I’ll let you discover that for yourself…

There is extensive parking available on site, obviously the tourist board knew this would be a big hit, and because of that I’m sure, it’s one of a few pay and display car parks you’ll see around. Facilities are limited, but you can pop in to a little shop and pick up a postcard or grab a coffee to warm up if you wish.

I visited on a wet and dreary day, which added to the ambience of the place. Most people were kitted out in garishly coloured waterproofs (honestly, a photographer’s worst nightmare) and walking boots, but a few had missed the memo that it’s a) Iceland and b) pouring from the heavens!

Follow the marked trails and climb some steps which will give you a great view of the falls and a refreshing spray with water, or look like you’ve had a complete shower and walk behind it…the choice is yours!

The highlight for me was definitely the lesser-explored Gljúfrabúi, which lies tucked away beneath the rock to the left of Seljalandsfoss. A short walk will take you to what looks to be a river, you’ll hear the rushing of fast water, but you won’t see anything… Well, go get in the river! Wade through it, following the edge of the rock face. It will get louder, you’ll get wetter, you’re nearly there… There’s a small bank to step up, et voilà! A sight to behold, and GoPro-only territory because, I kid you not, you will come out looking like you’ve had a shower, this was the most fun! Unsurprisingly, you won’t find that many other brave souls doing it. This is one of the semi-hidden treasures of Iceland, but make sure you don’t miss it!

Now I know why heated seats are common in Icelandic cars! Once you’re cold and wet enough, nothing beats shaking those soggy layers, turning on the heating, and warming up in the car with a coffee. In actual fact, I think I’d have had less fun on a dry day!