Who doesn’t love to try out new methods of photo printing, display, and to coin my own phrase “memory preservation”? I always keep my eyes peeled for innovative ways to print and display images, which satisfies both the designer and photographer in me.
This time, to preserve one of my fondest memories of my Iceland trip – because really you never have seen anyone so excited about finding their own colour-coordinated beach – I wanted to print an image taken of me at Reynisfjara (yep, really!) I chose an Alu-Dibond print with an aluminium subframe from Saal Digital, at a size of 30 x 45 inches, to hang with my collection of other travel-related photographs which are in a variety of formats.

The first thing to note is its weight; not weighing much more than an A3 photo frame, it’s easy to pick up and hang on your own. Super thin, it won’t protrude from the wall, and with a variety of mounting options available to you, requires little effort whatsoever to make your walls beautiful. I opted for an aluminium subframe – something I’ve never seen nor tried, but you could also select standard mounting or standoff mounting options if you wish.

The image is made up of a six colour direct UV print onto the aluminium panel; it is crisp in areas of focus, and soft elsewhere, with great depth of tone in all of the blacks and greys – usually something quite hard to do, you may find from some print specialists the greys all look the same – the image I’d chosen depicted what a stormy day it was, so is softly focused in some areas, has blown out highlights in the waves, but rich texture and shadow in the foreground, and I love it nonetheless.

I have no worry with the colour fading on this print, it won’t age like a sun-beaten canvas or discolour like a photo in a frame. It’s fully weather resistant, and now that I’m thinking about it, would be the perfect material to print some images for my outdoor seating area on to. I particularly like the black polyethylene core, finished with perfect edges; an extremely classy and minimal way to present photos – they look like they’re floating!