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Kew Gardens through a macro lens

The beauty of Kew Gardens changes seasonally, and I love going back time and time again to see what I can find. Something I find particularly rewarding however is limiting myself to shooting macro. It's amazing how you can discover all of the little things that...

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What To Pack For A Trip To Iceland

Iceland is every photographer's dream. If you're anything like me and follow idyllic Instagram accounts from all over the globe (okay, for me perhaps more Scandinavia!) you need only go through your feed for a moment until something catches your eye, and with a sharp...

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How To Photograph Snowdrops

Well, we thought Spring was just around the corner, to be rudely corrected by the Beast from the East (I mean really, what a name!) and the subsequent mound of snow we found ourselves fighting to get out of. I can’t be the only one who runs outside to ‘rescue' the...

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