my story
where it all began

I had my first camera before the age of five, and haven’t been able to put one down since.

At art college I fell in love with analogue photography and would spend hours upon hours in the darkroom, admiring the work of Ansel Adams and Jerry Uelsmann and wishing to create masterpieces like them. My love of the arts is greater than photography alone however, and this lead me to pursue a degree in Graphic Design, giving me a well rounded knowledge of every creative sector I could ever need. Graduating with First Class Honours, I enjoy working as Creative & Marketing Manager of a home and lifestyle brand, travelling and experiencing the world as much as possible.

I’m a published writer and photographer, working with publications such as Kew Gardens, Hertfordshire Life and VISU Magazine, and have collaborated with brands such as Cheerz, Saal Digital and SRB Photographic.


here’s all the important stuff you need to know…

i'm a star

Really, I am! You can find me in Delphinus at RA 20h 49m 13s D14° 29′

i'm in love with my camera

We go everywhere together. 
(Except the bath).

i'm a serious bookworm

I think I should have been called Matilda. I mean, I have a library to match…

music is life...

Great for creativity, I’ve always got something different on and love going to live music events. is coffee

Everyday must start with a black coffee. It just must.

motorbike, please

I’ve always wanted one, and have never got one, so if you feel like being my anonymous benefactor, I’ll give you my address!

let’s chat

for anything from collaboration requests, coffee dates, to general nerding out about cameras, drop me a line at

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