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48 hour city breaks

weekend adventuring is the perfect way to cram more travel into your year; you don’t always want to use your holiday allowance. here are a couple of guides to 48 hour trips I’ve undertaken, to help inspire yours, and look at the road less travelled, even in a big city…

48 hours in Paris with Huawei

A whirlwind trip. 30 miles walked. 48 hours. SO. MANY. PHOTOS.  Here’s a photo diary of Paris, shot with my new Huawei Mate 20 Pro. When I preordered my Huawei Mate 20 Pro, I did so hoping I’d have it just in time to take to Paris, and finally be able to travel a bit...

48 hours in Poland with a local guide

It's a fact of life - people grow up, move away, and sometimes relocate to other parts of the world altogether. Do you miss them? Absolutely! But does it make your time together more special, when it eventually comes? Without a doubt! I was able to spend 48 hours in...

the best of Switzerland

you have to get these unmissable locations into your itinerary, trust me!

Mürren, Switzerland

One of the most idyllic little villages that Switzerland has to offer, the car-free mountain top village of Mürren is unique in character and ambience. There are several ways to make the journey to the top depending on where you start; from Lauterbrunnen you must...

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Aescher, Switzerland

You’ve seen the pictures. You know that hotel on the side of the mountain. A popular hiking spot, there’s more to Aescher and the Wildkirchli area than you might think. I spent my last night in Switzerland at the Hotel Alpenrose in Wasserauen at the foot of the...

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Rhône Glacier, Switzerland

Last September I headed off for an epic roadtrip to the Swiss Alps, a place I'd been once before when I was much younger on a family tour around Europe, and somewhere that's been on my list to revisit ever since. I passed my driving test as soon as I possibly could...

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