In such a saturated digital age I love that we can still have tactile photo prints. They aren’t and won’t die out – we just need them in our lives! Though I’m not of the generation, I started my photographic life shooting film and developing it in a darkroom, and I still do it now. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

We all take so many photos, but where do they end up? Saved on a hard drive somewhere? Goodness knows I have thousands upon thousands of images that I’ve just never shared. Well, here’s photo sharing reimagined. Instead of sending a friend an image, print them one, personalise it, and you know they’ll treasure it forever. You make such incredible memories every day, why not show them off?

I needed a way to display and remember all of the amazing places I’d been in Iceland, so looked around for some different ways of doing so, and printed a selection of retro polaroid-style, photobooth-style, and standard prints from Cheerz to both hang up and give away as little tokens from my trip.

Cabin prints, as they are called, are the coolest of inventions and of course remind you of the oldschool photobooth days. A standard set consists of five strips, but you can add as many as you wish. Add text, choose the typeface, and customise the background colour; you can completely adapt these to suit your project, and they make awesome little bookmarks! All beautifully packaged in their own case, I can’t wait to find unique, creative ways to display them.

Retro prints only look like the classic square Polaroid format, and are in fact just printed in standard photo paper, and cut with a border. Some brands do offer the “film look” by attaching backing to the prints, but really if you are planning to hang them up it doesn’t need them – the lighter they are to hang or stick, the better. Again these are fully customisable but I chose to go the minimalist route, use typography sparingly, and include that all important white space.

Photo prints are equally of impressive quality, with a gorgeous slightly matte textured photo paper finish. The one downside is that you aren’t able to buy a single print, there are minimum order quantities (of about five images) but if I didn’t stop myself, before I knew it, I’d have ordered thousands!

I’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at Cheerz to help you to show off your memories too.

Use code 10CASEYDREW at the checkout for an exclusive 10% off your order, from me to you!

Expires midnight 22 July 2018. Happy printing!