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with my camera acting like my third arm and the two of us never being apart, it’s easy to document all of life’s adventures. follow my journeys through Iceland, Switzerland, the UK and beyond, with lots, lots more to come very soon…

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getting lost in the middle of nowhere with my camera is without doubt my favourite thing to do; I’ve been to some incredible places, met some incredible people, and am always thinking about the road less travelled


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top places to visit in Iceland

I spent eight incredible days exploring Iceland earlier this year; if you’re thinking of planning your own Icelandic adventure, start by looking at these awesome places





Stampar Crater Row


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A Bookish Day In Oxford

The first time I visited Oxford, I remarked how I’d never seen so many bicycles in my life…then I visited Copenhagen, and, well, there were more! But in the UK, have I ever seen as many?! No! It’s hard to know who takes priority here, the cyclists, or the pedestrians....

48 hours in Poland with a local guide

It's a fact of life - people grow up, move away, and sometimes relocate to other parts of the world altogether. Do you miss them? Absolutely! But does it make your time together more special, when it eventually comes? Without a doubt! I was able to spend 48 hours in...

Mürren, Switzerland

One of the most idyllic little villages that Switzerland has to offer, the car-free mountain top village of Mürren is unique in character and ambience. There are several ways to make the journey to the top depending on where you start; from Lauterbrunnen you must...

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